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About Me

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  • GeeMan added Kenneggy Cove to favorites.
    Kenneggy Cove Detail
    8 months ago
  • GeeMan added Perranporth to favorites.
    There are numerous beach breaks to choose from along this massive beach. The General rule is the further up the beach you walk the more likely you are on getting bigger waves that are less crowded. Droskyn Point - this is a very well known spot that can offer waves which can hold good shape. Perranporth offers one of the finest beaches in the country and it has...
    11 months ago
  • GeeMan added Perranuthnoe to favorites.
    Perranuthnoe Detail
    1 year ago
  • GeeMan added Sennen Cove to favorites.
    Surfing Sennen Cove: Surf Spot Guide This area in west Cornwall is considered to pick up the most swell that the Atlantic has to offer. A general rule of thumb is that if it’s flat here, most other places will lack waves too. Another is that the further north you go at Sennen Cove, also known as Whitesand Bay, the bigger the waves will be. It is...
    1 year ago
  • GeeMan added Praa Sands to favorites.
    Surfing Praa Sands: Surf Spot Guide This beach break on the South Cornwall coast can produce epic barrels when it’s on. Said to be one of the nicest waves in Cornwall, but it’s not the most consistent. The bay is wide with plenty of peaks to choose from. These days, when it’s good, it gets busy. It gets rippy too, especially at low tide. The golden sand...
    1 year ago

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