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Freshwater West

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Surfing Freshwater West: Surf Spot Guide

Freshwater West is considered to pick up more swell than any other surf break in Wales. It can hold the big swells too! When everything lines up: sand banks, swell, winds and tide, it can produce world class waves. There are an abundance of peaks to chose from with both sand and reef bottom. To the south is a military restricted area, best avoided, unless you’re one of those people who like dodging bullets, trouble and fines. Even when small, the whole area is rippy, and when big, it can be treacherous even for experienced surfers. A surf school operates in the area, beginners should use them to stay safe and learn more effectively.

Freshwater West - What Waves, When

Freshwater West is comprised of a long stretch of beach break and reefs. Different peaks start opening up at different stages of the tide, and you can surf it on all stages of the tide.

At low, the wave can become hollower than other stages.

The waves at the beach get more crumbly at high tide.

Pick your peak and have fun!

The reefs certainly aren’t recommended for beginners.

Freshwater West – Out of the Water

It’s a quiet place with little going on. Surf hire and lessons are available from the surf school at Freshwater West. Nearest surf shop is Underground in Tenby.

Sometimes a mobile snack van visits Freshwater. Failing that you’ll have to travel a few miles to one of the surrounding villages such as Angle or Castlemartin, for a pub. There is more choice for refreshment in Pembroke town.

There are hotels, bed and breakfasts and other accommodation around Pembrokeshire; it’s all rather spread out though.


  Picks up the most swell in Wales and holds it
  Plenty of peaks, with both reef and sand bottom to chose from


  Dangerous, with notorious rips, quicksand and weaver fish to contend with
  Very few amenities in the immediate area
Rips! Be careful at all times.
Rocks / reef bottom, not for beginners. Unless you’re an experienced surfer, stick with the sand beach.


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