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Surfing Bundoran: Surf Spot Guide

Bundoran is a very popular surf destination in Ireland due to the range of waves in close vicinity and the consistency of swells it picks up. It’s best known for The Peak, a reef break that boasts a powerful, hollow right and a longer, more workable left. Just north of that is Inside Left, which is a fickle, shallow low tide reef break. Tullan Strand at the North end of Bundoran is a consistent beach break with something for everyone. There’s also Main Beach offering a range of peaks and a sandbar. There are plenty of other spots in the area making Bundoran the perfect place if you like variety, or need something for everyone.

Bundoran - What Waves, When

The Peak works best at low to mid tide. It needs a few feet of swell to start working and it can handle huge swells. When it’s on, there’ll be a long left and a hollow right on offer. This break is for experienced surfers only.

Inside Left works on low tide. It can produce a barrel section opening out to peal for some way. This break is also for experienced surfers only.

Main Beach can offer fun lefts and rights that are good for less experienced surfers wanting to improve. When there’s enough swell and it’s on the high tide, it can be fun for everyone. It handles winds well.

There are so many spots in this area, all going off in different conditions. There’s something for everyone and a very high calibre of wave on offer, so go exploring and discover your treasures.

Bundoran – Out of the Water

At Bundoran you can get surf lessons and hire, and buy equipment. The surf schools often take their lessons at Tullan Strand which is at the north end of Bundoran.

For food and drink after a hard days surfing, there are bars, restaurants, cafes, pubs and more, just as you’d expect at a sea side resort.

For accommodation there is a range from hotels, BnB’s and holiday homes to a hostel and camping and everything in between.

For entertainment when you’re not surfing, there’s walking, golf, horse riding and much, much more.


Something for everyone in the area



Great choice of high calibre waves depending on conditions



  Some spots can get crowded

Rips currents.


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