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1) Sign Up or sign in

2) Go to classifieds section

3) Click on add new listing Button

4) Choose category use wish to list your product in

5) Give your listing a name

6) Add you location in address box and click "map it" button to see and adjust your location on map.

7) Enter all other listings details as required ( remember the more information you put in the better your listing will rank on our site and the internet)

8) In the Summary box give good description of your listing so people know what you are are selling ( also stops them from asking too many questions!)

9) Publish to Facebook Button ( if you enable this, your listing will show on your own facebook page , telling all your friends about what your are seliing)

10) Click Sumbit button. Once you have done this you will be taken to next page where you can upload you pictures or videos 

11)  Drag and drop or upload you images and or visdeo about your listing.

12) Once done you can view your listing.

Thats it your done :) !!!

PS  Dont worry if you have made a mistake as you can always edit or change images/descriptons etc  on the fly by pressing the settings ( cog ) button wihich is displayed once logged in


Cross Surfboards
Cross Surfboards

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