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Surfing Croyde: Surf Spot Guide

Croyde Bay can produce world class waves when it’s on! It’s generally one of the more consistent beaches in North Devon. Experienced surfers love the hollow, powerful waves at low tide. A beautiful, golden sand beach with National Trust treasured surroundings makes it a very popular destination for holiday makers trying out their first waves. Unfortunately, for those reasons it’s always very crowded, and fellow surfers can become a hazard during holiday periods and the summer. Take care, and make sure you know good surfing etiquette before getting in the water.

Croyde - What Waves, When

The low tide is not for beginners. The wave becomes hollow, fast and heavy, even when it’s small. With the right swells it produces picture perfect barrels, and at size these can become daunting peaks that only the skilled-brave will take on.

As it pushes onto mid tide the waves become far more mellow and beginner friendly. They can crumble at times but fun rides are still there for the taking.

From mid to high tide it gathers some shape again and gets a little punchier, but is still far more forgiving than the low tide. At high, you’ll be duck diving a little more and paddling slightly further to reach the line up.

There are plenty of spots close to Croyde, so there’s always something for everyone. Check out Saunton Sands to the south for a far mellower wave. Putsborough and Woolacombe to the north can provide other options when Croyde doesn’t take your fancy. Experienced surfers may be rewarded by studying the surf reports and exploring the coastline, but when isn’t exploration rewarding!

Croyde – Out of the Water

A beautiful town with a lot of character, mostly beach-holiday and surf orientated. It has a great atmosphere in the summer. There are plenty of places to grab post-surf refreshment, or a hearty meal for those who’ve really worked up an appetite. There are many surf shops to hire or buy any surf equipment you desire. The surf shops are very friendly and always willing to help, so if you need advice, don’t hesitate to ask.Accommodation ranges from luxury holiday cottages to budget camping and everything in between. Croyde is also home to the famous Ocean Fest, the ever growing music and beach-sports festival, held in June.



  Top UK surf spot when conditions are optimum.
  The waves here are usually bigger than the surrounding beaches.
  Kept meticulously clean, as it’s privately owned (free to all).
  Picturesque town with plenty of character.


  Croyde is crowded. When the waves are good, even in winter, there’ll be plenty of people in the water. In the summer the crowds can be a nightmare.
  Dangerous when it’s big, especially at low tide.
  There can be very strong rips.
Rocks at either end of the bay.
Big swells can cause challenging rips.
Heavy at low tide.
Gets so crowded that other surfers can become a danger.


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