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In the grand scheme of what you can buy in terms of surboards, retro or hybrid surfboards are generally more stable than the short board but still quick to manoeuvre. No matter what your ability, these kinds of boards give you something that will work in most conditions. Most famously the “egg” board, which is classed as a hybrid, is easy to ride and has an egg shaped nose (funny that). It’s not too long so it’s helps you catch waves and it’s not too much of a monster, for beginners to manouvre out and then surf in.

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very nice and good condition. just a small minor ding on the nose. size 1 penny. board, fcs fins and leash only. no bag. buyer need to make their on...

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Only surfed 3 times, I have decided it's slightly small for me and want to go up a size. Otherwise amazing board! I will be replacing with another one ...

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Practically new board and ridden a handful of times. Wave catching machine, very stable and lots of fun. Ideal for youngsters, as a step down board or for using as...
3 results - showing 1 - 3

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