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Firewire Helium Chumlee surfboard 6ft 1 FCS II - White

Board Length (ft)
Board Width (ft)
6ft 1 x 21.75 x 2.75
Board Thickness (ft)
Firewire Helium Chumlee
Board Construction
Brand / Shaper
Fin Setup
FCS II Tri Fin
The Firewire Chumlee surfboard in their new Helium technology is a revelation. You’ll read online that its basically Dan Mann’s take on a Sweet Potato but this is not the case, it has all the plus points and none of the drawbacks. We had our first surf on this board yesterday and to sum up it paddles like a dream, glides like a longboard but turns easily and smoothly and is super fast. Its a groveller yes, but it deals with solid bigger surf just fine. You’ll surf it in waves from knee to head high in all wind conditions

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