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Surf Check Reports Polzeath Surf Check Report

Polzeath Surf Check Report

by : Escape Surfboards http://hotswell.com/media/reviews/photos/original/ed/82/1c/490-polzeath-surf-check-report-74-1439625565.jpg
Time Wave Period Wind (W) Wind Speed Broken clouds Surf Rating 7 day forecast
5ft 8s 12mph
Polzeath 9.00: 2 good sessions in 2 days what’s going on?? Good size swell coming in this morning with only a light onshore not causing too many problems. The forecast is for the swell to drop a bit as the day goes on, high water will be at 11.15 this morning with low water at 5.30 and I’m thinking it should be fun this evening. Outlook for the week; quite a lot of rain, quite a lot of wind and quite a lot of waves but you’ll have to be alert to the best opportunities, can’t say clearer than that as the chart is so active and unstable. For more information on anything surf or surfboard, please call 01208 863962 or email: surfescape@gmail.com check out our Facebook page https.://www.facebook.com/EscapeSurfboards
Photo uploaded : August 15, 2015
Adam Surfboards
Adam Surfboards

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