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Surf School

Surf schools are great. When you watch the professionals effortlessly riding the waves remember, they all had to start somewhere. Whatever your age, you’re never too old to take to the sea, be it on a bodyboard, a surfboard or having a go at windsurfing or water-skiing. You can but try.

If you’re on holiday, booking your children in or going as a family, having a half or full day at surf school not only teaches you about surfing and sea-safety but also helps you learn how to read the beach and the swell. If, as a parent or guardian, you and your children want a bit of time out from each other, booking your beloveds into surf school for a few hours can be a great way get some space. The kids will learn new skills, make new friends and take new risks and you get a few hours on your own. Check the surf school’s accreditation and insurances, especially whether their instructors have up to date DBS checks. Talk to the companies listed here. If you’re a surf school and you wanted to be featured, click here.

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