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Adam Surfboards
Adam Surfboards

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Here you can find out the latest surf news, enjoy a variety of articles and surf stories and check out some of our weather and forecasting features. This is also the place to find out about how the launch and development of is progressing. If you'd like to contribute to or comment on these pages, drop us a line or click here.

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  Rogue waves are vast surface-waves that occur spontaneously, often in open ocean. They are over twice the size of the significant wave height for a given sea state and are immensely unpredictable, causing chaos for large ships and ocean liners. They've puzzled scientists for decades and have only become definitively proven within the last few years.     Scientists in Germany have come up with a method that could change the future of big wave surfing. Due to the unpredictability of the waves and the lack of wave buoys and wave reading equipment in areas where they are more likely...
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Machter was weary. His neck hurt from the constant, up-raised, unnatural position into which he had forced it for so long that now, as he surfaced only to see that he was caught inside and would surely suffer yet another impossible beating, he started to wonder whether it had all been worth it. Started, but stopped, because as usual there was no time to ask questions, only time to upend himself, grab a lungful of air and scratch for the bottom, there to the world of silent trauma where maybe he would minimise, if not evade, the pain that was as...
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Cribbar Big Wave is looking for a co-title sponsor to ensure the success of the greatest British surf contest ever. Cribbar Big Wave is hosting the competition to find the surfer who can ride the biggest wave at the Cribbar, whilst staying in control for a single complete ride. The surfers are to paddle in whilst water safety will be available on jet ski. Cribbar Big Wave's official website excitedly states, "In addition to the main event there will be a display of tow-in surfing, if time permits. Big Wave surfing is a part of Cornwalls culture. The Cribbar surf break has...
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    Parking space with a view.  The Point is a pretty special place. I reckon on its day it can rival any wave in England. When it’s on it produces long, grinding left hand walls, plus throaty barrel sections to challenge even the most confident surfers. And boy, there are some confident surfers out there! Some of the best surfers in the U.K and even Europe can call this place their local spot, having grown up surfing it and having spent years getting to know the reef up close and personal. The Ash brothers, Reubyn and Joss, are so comfortable...
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A little naza-ray of sunshine (Nazaré)So no doubt you've all heard of, experienced, or been in the midst of the massive storms and swells that hit Britain a fortnight ago. However, how many of us can claim we were in the ocean, well and truly flailing in the depths of it? Although I was forced into the sea with an instructor rashie on and 48 surprisingly enthusiastic teens, I would not have been in there by choice. Though where most of us see unappealing atmospheres, a select few see their playground.   The first of the dream team of big wave...
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I leave to travel the world this afternoon, first stop Hong kong but a week today i'll be tearing up the waves in the Australian sunshine and then a few months after that moving onto fiji,Hawaii and California watch this space for lots of information about different surf forecasts and how they differ from the UK... I will also be posting articles about my adventures in the surf stories section!...
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in Emily's worldwide adventure
G'day! My names Emily Furness and I’m a freelance Journalist, watersports instructor and Lifeguard from Exmouth, Devon and I’m totally stoked about joining the Hotswell team. Not only am I stoked about this but also on the 30th of this month I shall be setting off on my travels around the world! (wahooooo). So that’s what most of my articles and photos are going to concentrate on for the next 6 months or so ….my little surf trip around the world from a British surfer’s point of view. The places I'll be visiting are Hong kong, Australia, Fiji, Hawaii and California....
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  • Surfing Valentine's Cards ~ Now you can actually buy them!

      Surfers are sweet. Sometimes salty, but mostly sweet. And to prove it here are some surfing-themed Valentine's cards. You can buy them from our Zazzle shop. Or if you're skint, just copy and paste one of the images below onto your Valentine's Facebook page. If that doesn't do the trick, they clearly have no feelings. Click on any image to view it in the shop.   ...

    Monday, 01 February 2016
  • Six Species of Surfer

      Admit it. We're a weird bunch. Here are six of the creatures you'll find yourself mingling with in the line up.   (Illustrations by Andi Pratt. Check out more of his crazy work here and on Instagram.)     And all together:       So which one are you? Or are you a different beast entirely? Let us know in the comments below.   ...

    Monday, 11 January 2016
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