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  Surfers are sweet. Sometimes salty, but mostly sweet. And to prove it here are some surfing-themed Valentine's cards. You can buy them from our Zazzle shop. Or if you're skint, just copy and paste one of the images below onto your Valentine's Facebook page. If that doesn't do the trick, they clearly have no feelings. Click on any image to view it in the shop.    ...
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  We all have our own names for the weird things that go on in the water. Here are a few of our favourites.   Let us know yours and we'll add the best ones to the next installment of New Surfing Terms.                     Image sources:
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in Surf Stories
  Obviously there's nothing more romantic than surfing. But it seems to get overlooked on Valentine's Day. So at Hotswell we've come up with some surfy Valentine's cards for that special someone in your life. Nawww.   For those too honest for their own good   For the movie buffs   For the head-over-heels   For the patient   For the stomach butterflies   For the realists   For the dreamers   For the honeymooners   For the imaginative    For those who know what they've got   For the hopeful    For the poetic  ...
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in Surf Stories
 Nick and Alfie putting the Hot in Hotswell.   Here at Hotswell we’re dedicated to improving the surf industry by playing with cool new stuff people send us for free. Today it’s Bamboozz Sunglasses; sexy, eco-friendly bamboo-framed shades with polarised lenses and a nifty little tube case thingy. But how well do they stand up to our rigorous testing criteria?     Test one How cool do you look when someone says “That’s impossible” and you whip them off your face and say “Or is it?” 4/5 Since you’ll probably be the only person around wearing bamboo sunglasses, you’ll look like...
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in Hot Reviews
Image from   Is your relationship with surfing too casual? Do you worry you might pass people in the street who have no idea just how laid back and surfy you are? Well fret no more. With this simple guide you can take something fun and turn it into an exhausting lifestyle choice. Bro.   Have a board for every condition. The first rule of taking surfing too seriously is always being prepared. You never know when your local beach break that's never produced anything above sloppy 4ft mush will break out the 30ft Waimean monsters. So get yourself a...
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  Because Laird just can't play Golf like a normal person. ...
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  This guy. ...
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in Surf Photo of the Day
Five reasons girls are better at surfing   Let’s face it. Sally Fitzgibbons is surfing like Slater in his prime. Bethany Hamilton just won the Women’s Surf n' Sea Pipeline with one arm. And Carissa Moore can fly. Clearly the fairer sex has an unfair advantage. And here’s why:     5. Multitasking The average female can, in one moment, talk on the phone, write a letter, paint a picture and develop a cure for chickenpox. And talk on another phone. So really, navigating the line-up, incoming waves, close-out sets, rocks and tourists is the mental equivalent of a long nose...
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in Surf Travel
Image source: Why do surfers make the best lovers?   As we all know, surfers are roughly one  gillion times better in bed than the average human. It’s a phenomenon that’s baffled our brightest scientists for generations. So today we’ll be delving deep, ahem, into this issue and coming to a reasonable conclusion why surfers are burdened with the libido of a drunk, horny T-Rex on steroids.   1. Modesty We don’t like to brag. As you may have noticed. Which is a very attractive quality. Sexual prowess speaks for itself and if ours could talk it would sound like...
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