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Summer Survival

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Make sure you’re prepared for a UK summer

Although summer is a fickle thing in the UK, something a lot of us runaway from, most of the local troopers have no choice but to stick around, endure the inevitable flats spells, fight the crowds and risk a 2mm summer suit. Surviving summer doesn’t sound too hard, you’ve dared the chilly peaks through winter and hopefully experienced many a session more than worth fighting the cold for, summer will be easy. But the unsympathetic reality is that summer within the UK is hard, a lack of waves above three foot and hundreds of foamies creating a war zone at your favourite break, what can you do to make the most of surfing a summer at home?


Finding Waves

Escape. Obviously a solution a lot of us will try and use. Yet, flights are expensive and time away from work is scarce and that Indo trip you’ve been dreaming of is just not feasible right now. So the answer? A UK road trip could be just what you’re looking for. Chase some waves around the British coastline or venture high up for a cooler Scottish summer. With over 11,000 miles of coastline and the possibility of driving from Sennen to Thruso in under a day, a UK surf trip should always be on the cards.  


Small summer UK waves are inevitable, so ditch the shortboard and invest in some summer wavecraft. Longboards, funboards and beaters are the answer to take advantage of those knee-high peelers. From the Mini Simmons to a mighty Pignar, small wave boards are essential for anyone’s summer quiver, it’s well worth the investment and results in endless shenanigans. Or, if floaty boards aren’t for you, pick up a hand plane. Everything is suddenly overhead and they’re great for a beach day, you’ll be doing the Mark Cunningham in no time! 



Escaping the Crowds

Go that extra mile, something surfers usually abide by. If your local is crowded, how about that spot round the corner that takes a bit more effort to get down to, it’s probably worth it. Or that one spot you’ve never really got round to checking out. Going that extra mile is one of very few solutions to avoid the masses throughout summer.

Time your surfs so it's off peak, surf when most will be nursing last night's hangover.

Accept the average conditions, embrace them and you’ll surely find a wave for you and a mate.  Time your surfs so it’s off peak, surf when most will be nursing last night’s hangover or should be working. If that fails, join the dawn patrol or head out for a sunset session. 




Flat Entertainment

It’s always going to be flat, whether it’s for one week or three; summer does that to our UK playgrounds. We can handle a few days, maybe even a week but when the urge to surf is high, alternatives have to be found. An obvious one is skate, grab a 42 inch longboard and carve a nice flat car park or walkway. But then, we’d rather be at or in the sea. Skimboarding is ridiculously underrated by most surfers, the boards are cheap and it’s great on a flat summer day at the beach. Pick up a cheap one from a beachside shop then wax it up and either slide along the shoreline or take it up a class and throw it out into some half foot ramps.












How about sandboarding? With such a massive coastline with a variety of beaches you can guarantee you’ll find a nice dune to have a giggle on. Grab a snowboard if you can or improvise; take the fins of an old surfboard or the trucks off a skateboard, drag some friends or family along and pretend you’re Shaun White. 


Take Advantage of That UK Sun

 It’s not here very often, so take advantage of it. Push yourself for some longer sessions that are near impossible in the winter months, even if that means throwing on a winter suit on a better swell day. But, treat yourself as well, if you can’t get away to somewhere warm or you’re just missing Indo, risk a 2mm.

There's always about a two or three day spell were you can squeeze into those boardies for an hour.

When the sun is out, go for it, it’s a great feeling even if it does get a little nippy. If you’re really missing the warm water, then there’s always about a two or three day spell were you can squeeze into those boardies for an hour.




Surf when there’s surf. Flat days are often, so when there’s waves get out there. If it’s 2ft mush, head out and have some fun, you can’t guarantee when you’re next surf will be so keep active, keep fit and do everything you can to settle your surfing urges. Summer is about fun, warmer than freezing water and escaping the crowds, if you can’t escape for some warmer seas then chase waves and elude the crowds around the local coastlines.



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