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Day two of the European Surfing Championships 2015

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Heat by heat write up of the European Surfing Championships 2015

Day 2 - 14th September

Ain Daab Casablanca


Progressive 1 - Mens Open

Sam Harwood was up bright and early for the second heat of the day. Light offshores gave favourable conditions to the other days but still did not give him many open faced options. He dropped the first score of the heat, a small one, but having opened up he could now be pickier and wait for the bigger scoring waves.


Sam Harwood, bright and breezy.

Sam found a decent left and made the best of the full length with a few off the tops and played it safe to earn a starter score. The next wave was then his highest scorer with more power on the top turns. He was in need of one more similar wave to make the next progressive round but they just didn’t come. He has another chance in Repercharge 1, and only just missed out by 0.11


Progressive 1 - Men's open

Smart brothers both in the water today. First up Seb Smart, against two Dutch surfers and a Moroccan. He surfed well and took to the water with confidence. His first few waves kept him in second position and he looked set to keep this. But halfway though the heat the Holland surfers both dropped good scores finding some face on set waves, which had normally been closing out.


Seb Smart, taking on the Netherlands and Morocco.


This put Seb in third position. He fought well and was left open by the leading surfers which looked like bad tactics. He found a wave in the last 20 seconds but unfortunately this closed out. He skimmed the miss by less than 0.2 of a score and will be joining one of the Netherlands’ in the Repercharge 1.


Progressive 1 – Men’s Open

Dave Renaud’s second category in the Eurosurf 2015. Dave got set in position on the most promising bank, centre stage and had to work hard to keep lined up. He made good work of two decent waves then had to come to shore and run up the beach for another monster paddle out.


Dave Renaud, ready for an epic paddle out.

Dave needed a minor improvement in his score at the end and found a slow moving fat wave. He kept high with momentum, shifting rail to rail but nothing came of the wave. Seems our men have been consistent at 3rd today, let’s hope the repercharge goes our way.


Progressive 1 – Men’s Open

Rambo was frothing to get back in the water after a good stint on the longboard. Now back on his preferred ride in the open he was keen to do England proud. He drew highly challenging surfers with high scoring Remi Pederson who almost doubled the scores of the others in the heat and home Moroccan Abdil El Harim.


Sam Smart, frothing.

Sam's keen efforts were noticed by the cheering English team but not scoring high enough to progress. Sam has his next shot in repercharge two and we’ll all be behind him.


Progressive 1 – Women’s Open

Georgie Timson up first. The Ladies scored high tide; better conditions for the beach but also just as challenging to get out. One of the cranking sets hit just as Georgie was paddling out and our girl's arms held out getting her to the backline before the other competitors. She took her time to read the waves before getting on with the job in hand.


Heat winner Georgie Timson.
Photo by Vince Timson.


Georige was head and shoulders above the rest with her wave count, constantly moving around and spent the heat fighting for the win against Meryem Elgardoum from Morocco. Some powerful turns off the top won it for Georgie. England are stoked.


Progressive 1 – Women’s Open

Flora's heat was very well matched and interesting to watch. Almost at the end of the day the wind was up and she battled through. One of the girls was stuck on the inside, eliminating her as competition. The other three, Flora, Mirna and Fatima had a back and forth heat.


Flora Lawton, taking on the closest competition yet.

The final results saw Flora second, less than 0.5 behind the winner and only 0.06 ahead of third. Closest heat from what I remember. Well done Flora.


Check back here for the latest updates.


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