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Crowd Surfing

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I'm not a big fan of the party wave, but it seems some days it's unavoidable to at least get dropped in on once. Surfing is becoming more popular as a one-time "have a go" sport, which is increasing the learner to proficient surfer ratio at popular beaches.
If you are lucky enough to get a decent wave to yourself in a lineup like these pictured, then good luck paddling back out as you duck and weave your way through the crowd.
Just today I nearly collided with a (possibly Italian?) tourist who went the wrong way on the wave, lost his footing and ploughed the board right at me. I was correctly ducking the white water, leaving the clean face for him.
Photo by MJ Photography
Thankfully I'm quick at getting out the way. Lucky for him, he got the whole thing on GoPro, as well as his board to head collision with another guy who wasn't as lucky as me.
One surfer who knows all too well the dangers of crowded lineups is Jordan Zervas, a teenage surfer from Newquay.
Photo by Helen Zervas
He was paddling out for one last wave earlier this year when he was struck in the back of the head by an out of control surfer.
His story was featured in the Cornish Guardian to help raise awareness of the dangers. His father described the surfer as having no regard for other surfers in the water, even those close to him.
People should be aware of other water users and the damage they can do through reckless behaviour. As in bailing out in front of people paddling out. Use surf etiquette and have third party insurance, as all competitive surfers have through membership of Surfing GB.
- Jordan
Photo by Helen Zervas
Hopefully if anything good can come of such an awful accident it's that the dangers are highlighted.
We're glad to say Jordan is fine. It could have been much worse.
Jessie Tuckman
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