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10 things to do when you're broke, broken or broke.

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Dear Captivated Audience.

I'm writing to provide the "broke" surfer with a guide. Broke being a flexible word in this article. For me it's broken as in "Ouch my knee bent the wrong way." Also I will include all of you that suffer with "Crap, my only surfboard is broken" and "Crap, I'm stone broke again."

My aim is to help all of us to find things to do when broke , broken or broke is included in our status. Being a surfer reading this you will all know there has been a time when one (or all) of the above apply to you. Fear not as there are things we can do to stay sane. Here are my top 10 tips to keep the stoke alive!


In no definitive order:


Wether you have a flourescent pink cast on your leg (which you were persuaded by the technition at the hospital was, and I quote "Raspberry"), a broken board or just simply have no money, we can all decorate! Take a permenant marker to your snapped board to make a beautiful wall piece. Let friends write obscene things on you cast. For example, "This is the worst trip I've ever been on" and "Pink means pussy". Alternatively just draw a picture of your favourite wave or beach.



Now we're all like minded surfers so let us not judge straight away. We all know a crusty hippie who owns POI , JUGGLING BALLS and a HULA HOOP! Do not be afraid to unleash your inner beast with that mighty yet sometimes intimidating hip thrust. Please take into account the time and location of said thrusting. It's good exercise for your core and your spirit!



In the UK it's currently blackberry season. I expect when most of you read CRUMBLE you thought to yourself "As if we need tips for smoking hash." Anyway, go and pick some blackberrys and sit endlessly making and of course eating crumble. Cold or hot custard I have no personal preference.



Sitting in front of the computer can become tedious. Forecasting sites really not providing the reports we want to see. Sit and do some research for your next expedition. Learn about the conditions you need for that up and coming surf trip and try something new. Open your mind to some new breaks. Your local beach isn't all that!



You can't be in the water for one reason or another. Probably you're sat at the work desk right now keeping a watchfull eye out for your supervisor. Watch some surf movies or look at pictures to get some inspiration and motivation for your next epic sesh! Watching and reading about surfing does inspire, help and provide you with new ideas and things to do in the surf.



I can bet 90% of you have got the stylish "I've been surfing all summer" poo head tan! With the current weather, GET OUT THERE!! Sun cream from the neck upwards and get rid of that poo head. It IS NOT a badge of honour.



If you have just snapped that $500 shortboard or your neck on a "Hectic beachy", fear not , the grass IS always greener! (unless you have done both of the latter in which case you are having a really bad time right now and my feelings go out to you). Before long a friend will lend you a stick to surf on and/or the hospital will cut off your cast and tell you that you're healed and you'll be surfing with us again in no time at all. Yeeeeeeeeew.



Pick up your instrument or MP3 player!!! Everybody can enjoy music. I imagine your favourite playlist consists of Donovan Frankenreiter and Jack Johnson. It's a stern judgement I know.  Anyway... Failing to master the ukelele, create a playlist for the next drive to the beach to get you amped up. No one will judge you for blasting 'I want to break free' by Queen. It's a metaphor for making it out of a tube... isn't it?



I would say teach your boyfriend but chances are she isn't reading this and you can already hang 10 on it .



When it's flat everybody is looking for something to do. If you have not already done all of the above it's time to get together. That guy with the broken board can't surf, neither can the guy with the broken leg. The guy who is "broke" relies on the guy with the broken leg to buy the beers because the guy with the broken board is saving vigorously.

You'll work it out. Happy surfing and stuff!




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