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Hotswell - About Us 

Hotswell is an ever evolving community based surf website. Get your surfotainment fix here! We’ve got surf forecasting, entertainment, information, news, photos and videos, Surf Social network, surf equipment classifieds and much, much more. Using the website is completely free.

We’re a hardworking collective of surfers, designers, photographers and writers passionate about the swell. Between the team, we have over three decades of experience in the creative and surfing and watersports industries. We want surf communities everywhere to get involved in making this the most effective online surf project to date, so if you’d like to contribute in any way please contact us.  

Nick Gill - Hotswell co founderTim Venison - Hotswell co founder

The project started with Nick Gill (right), longboarder and former director of Surf Hardware, wanting surf forecasting on his current website. He teamed with Tim Venison (left), entrepreneurial software developer, and the pair started cooking up the first unique forecasting concepts that Hotswell boasts today. Once the prototypes proved their ideas effective, they decided it would be best to develop Hotswell as an entire site. They teamed up with Steve, to be resident Surf Forecasting Guru. Steve’s surfed just about every single break in Europe and hundreds more all over the world. We’re not exaggerating. Ask him about it, but prepare yourself for a nice, long conversation before you do! Some say he’s even surfed more breaks than Nick’s eaten hot pasties, but that’s an age old debate not even Einstein could conclude. All we know is that Nick likes pasties, and Steve really knows surfing. 

Hotswell Logo

With ease of use and accessibility to all levels of surfer in mind, their ideas led to Hotswell’s unique surf forecasting and reporting interface. The interface needed great visuals, after all, that’s how humans process and understand information on the internet. Here’s where Mike Afford came in. He designed the interactive Surf Compass that accompanies each surf break, making it easy to visualise the actual incoming surf data against optimum swell and wind directions. 

Hotswell surf forecasting swell compass

Naturally, Hotswell needed some sick branding. Revival Design came up with the mind blowing logo and header graphics for the website. Of course, without writing, Hotswell would be mere images making little sense. Here’s where Emma Mansfield, author of the Lovely Little Book of Cornwall, started contributing writing and marketing for Hotswell. Ideas for the site kept flowing and before we knew it we were all part of a two to three year journey to launch the comprehensive surf hub that is Hotswell.  After our beta launch, we realised that the site just wouldn’t be complete without a community driven media outlet. We want to keep our viewers entertained and informed with exciting surf news, local and global. Jimmi Sandham took on the role and is now shaping Hotswell Media and Marketing as we speak. We plan to involve writers, photographers, videographers, interesting surfers, and many more surf communities to make sure Hotswell Media rips. Hotswell would be nowhere without the support of businesses looking to get noticed on our website. We work closely with these surf businesses so our audience can make the most of what they have to offer. Dan Riordan is spreading word of Hotswell to local surf businesses around the countries we cover.  Hotswell is designed to be flexible and easy to evolve. We love feedback and we really appreciate your input. There’s no such thing as perfect in surfing, only progress, so let’s ride this one together.

Jimmi Sandham - Hotswell media man gone surfing
Jimmi - hard at work

Hotswell differs from other surf forecasting websites in that we’re surf community driven. We don’t have a shop to sell our own products. So, we can stay totally independent, which is how we feel surfing should be. In fact, we want to actively promote local independent surf businesses including shops, shapers, surf schools and anything else exciting and surf related. We also want writers, photographers, videographers, artists, and all other exciting surf people to be involved, so get in touch. Our aim is to make checking the swell as accurate and easy as possible, whilst generating some community spirit in the surf world. That’s why we let you list and sell your old surfboards, wetsuits and other surf equipment for free. We also have the free Surf Social network, and many other cool website features that will boost your surf experience in and out of the water.

To learn more about using the Hotswell website, check out our website guides.

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